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Portable Electric outboards

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The last couple of years we have been selling the E Propulsion electric outboard. In my opinion this motor changes everything for small outboards in the under 6 hp range. It offers so many benefits over a gas outboard. Let me highlight them. Most of the disadvantages also apply to propane motors...

No gas to handle or purchase

No service of the motor that's no oil changes, no impellers, no gear oil, no spark plugs, no fuel filters etc

No flushing of the motor

No hard starting or warm up of the motor

No problem with other family members trying to start the motor

No issue with storing the motor on it's side

No gas smell

No carb to clean or repair 

Light weight

So with these advantages for the electric outboard what would be the advantage of owing a gas or possibly a propane motor..

The biggest advantage is the access to fuel with no need to charge a battery so basically an easy on-going fuel supply.

That is pretty much the only advantage offered by the gas motor..

To address this you need to do a little more planning when using an electric outboard. It is possible to by a second battery section so you can have one charging while you are using one of the batteries, the other is using a fast charger so you can charge a battery in 2-3 hours rather than 5 hours..

Whatever you decide the electric outboard offers a fantastic option for a small outboard motor

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